Bali, an island famously known as the Land of Gods, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Indonesian archipelago. Bali is located at east of Java and west of Lombok and is renowned for its woodland volcanic mountains, rice paddy fields, sandy beaches and coral reefs.

During the low season (Jan, Feb, March, April, Oct & Nov) , it is usually the rainy season although the rainfall is never too excessive. There will usually be good deals and airfares during this period. You can still perform most activities except volcanic treks. During the high season (Jul, Aug & Dec) , the accommodation rates have been known to increase by 50% or more, and equally expensive and crowded during Christmas and New Year. Many hotels are booked far ahead, and many restaurants will also have to be booked in advance. At other times (such as May, June and September), you might still find good deals and last-minute bookings are still possible. These months also coincide with the drier and less humid weather.

Now that we have got you covered for the best times to visit Bali; it is time to check out the places to visit in this hidden gem of Indonesian province.

The best of Balinese culture can be seen from their ancient temples and age-old rituals, to traditional recipes and local flea markets. For first time visitors to Bali, it is highly recommended for you to adore the intricate designs of their famous exotic Hindu sea temple along with the breath-taking sunset backdrop at Tanah Lot. This temple is undoubtedly Bali’s most important landmark which should not be missed.


Tanah Lot means “Land [in the] Sea” , probably the most popular and photographed temple on the island


You must also head to Ubud which is extremely well-known for its uniquely beautiful rice paddies such as the Tegallalang Rice Terrace. You will be rewarded with a scenery so beautiful that you won’t need any filter to enhance further for the photo opportunity.


One of the more popular rice terrace &  also a popular spot of “BALI SWING”


Also in Ubud, you can explore the Ubud Monkey Forest which is also known as The Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal. Do bear in mind to avoid wearing any loose jewellery or clothing as these macaques have been known to effortlessly snatch a necklace or bag in attempts to find food.


 Ubud Monkey Forest is the sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed Monkey


For those who wants a dose of Vitamin Sea, you should check out the beautiful and hidden surfing waves at Uluwatu, Suluban Beach.


Hidden cave beach with white sand beach, cristal blue water,  surrounded by cliff.


It will come as no surprise that a place as culturally mesmerizing as Bali will have its own fair share of amazing food to offer. One of the top foods to try in Bali is the babi guling which is also known as the Balinese suckling pig. It is one of the island’s most famous local dishes and it is very easy to see why. A whole pig is rubbed and seasoned with local herbs and spices, and then roasted whole until the meat is super tender. The tender pork meat is then served on rice with stewed vegetables, pork sausage, fried pork meat and crispy pork skin. Thereare many places that sells babi guling but there is a very popular chain known as Warung Ibu Oka that has several outlets around Bali.

Authentic Balinese Babi Guling with a selection of soft pork belly, Crispy skin


One of the most unique local dishes that you must add to your bucket list is the bebek betutu or known as smoked duck. The duck is seasoned with a mix of spices, wrapped and smoked for 12 – 24 hours. The lean flaky meat will then be served with rice, sambal and local vegetable. Most restaurants require at least one day notice since the preparation and cooking take more than 12 hours and you can try your luck at an established restaurant known as Bebek Bengil at Jalan Hanoman in Ubud.


Signature of Ubud – crispy dirty duck


Now that you are equipped with the information for a memorable trip to Bali, Here with Traple app, you get to explore more places to visit and must eat local foods in Bali.

Do remember to pack the essential items such as extra cash for your travel and keep local authority contact numbers at hand for emergency use. While Bali is fairly safe for travellers, it is still always advisable to stay vigilant and be alert of your surroundings when you’re travelling in a foreign country. Nevertheless, enjoy the food, appreciate the culture and adore the warm hospitality of the local Balinese people.