Hulu Langat

The name Hulu Langat was presumably taken from the term ’Langat’ to which was added Hulu as its location is in the interior of Selangor. The original inhabitants comprised predominantly the Minangkabau Malays besides other ethnic groups from Java, Mendaling and the Kerinchis from Jambi.

Hulu Langat is especially known for its natural attractions. Let’s get explore with Traple app on things to eat & do around Hulu Langat.

To Get There : Take bus from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station to Hulu Langat

Liu Gu Village Chicken (六古走地鸡)

After living so long in the city, feel like want to find some country-side dishes to eat? This is the place to go.

All chickens are raised in farm next to the restaurant whereby the chicken meat is so tender and juicy without any fat on it. The herb soup is especially taste good & sweet with the chicken , cooked well by using charcoal which you should have not miss.

You are required to to make reservation and pre-order for the chicken and soup to be prepared.

Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest 

Hidden away in Hulu Langat district,  is a charming picnic spot , an idyllic Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest. Yet, you should have also not miss the beautiful lake view with the crystal clear riverstream just nearby  (which on the left hand side of the road closer to the Sungai Tekala Recreational Forest).

Little Salty Cafe


Looking for a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the midst of nature ? Little Salty Cafe is your next to go romantic spot with your love one, by looking at the breathtaking sunset and city view while enjoying the coffee.